font abigail christmas hand script

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, TTF26.38 KBWeb Font**Introducing:** Abigail Christmas Hand Script **Story behind the font:** The font was designed by my wife, Abigail. Over the years I always noticed how almost every time she wrote something on paper it was in a unique style and this font was an attempt to capture one of these. I

font abigail

File TypeFile SizeVectorWOFF, OTF, TTF277.77 KBVectorAbigail is a hand drawn modern shabby chic font. Brushed characters resemble a hand painted letter set. Abigail in white can even be used on you chalk board projects. Abigail doesn’t miss a single detail in her worn brush strokes – including her doodles. Abigail’s Swirly Doodles are right on

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