font carpathia typeface extras

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, EPS, AI18.93 MBVector**UPDATE 5/13/18:** – Now includes 2 weights: Bold & Thin – Improved Kerning — **Carpathia** is a horror display typeface inspired by witchcraft and sorcery. Its ultra condensed, carved styling evokes a spooky handmade feel that will add character to any project. Carpathia features all caps, punctuation, and numerals. It

font alchemy family otf

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF293.33 KBVectorThis family is a compilation created from a Garamond set in use in Paris circa 1651, but similar to those, eroded and tired, that were in use during centuries to print cheap publications, as well as in Europe than in America, and from a large choice of printed symbols—all specially redrawn—used for

font mystical bundle free updates

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, OTF, ZIP, WOFF, PDF1.24 MBVector**Introducing Mystical font bundle** A bundle of 8 vintage and mystical fonts in one single collection. You’ll get a selection of serif, sans-serif, display and script fonts that suit perfectly for all kinds of creative endevors – crate logos, lockups, posters, flyers, signs, t-shirts and so much more!

font alchemite

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF97.3 KBVectorTurn base letters into gold, bring a norse flavor to your dialogue, and may you live happily ever after! Conjured up by John Roshell of Comicraft for Kurt Busiek and David Wenzel’s ‘Wizard’s Tale’, this font should be handled with great care, lest it turn you into a toad. Artwork from The

font totem mystical geometric

File TypeFile SizeVectorPNG, PSD, TTF, OTF, EPS, AI50.85 MBVector**I’m glad to introduce my new mystical geometric font «Totem».** «Totem» is a thin line font in ethnic style, uppercase is decorated with geometric and mystical elements. This font will help you create invitations for boho parties, design prints for outfits, decorate your home. You can also

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