font saker sans

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, EOT, WOFF, SVG, OTF1.23 MBVectorSaker Sans is a light-hearted sans-serif typeface. Designed by Måns Grebäck during 2016 and 2017, its comical expression works great in happy contexts. It comes as a family of five weights: Saker Sans Thin, Saker Sans Light, Saker Sans Medium, Saker Sans Bold and Saker Sans Black. Due

font delgado

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF44.79 KBVectorDelgado is narrow elegant serif font with drops. Delgado is good choice for large journal titles and small amounts of text. This font was made for one of the independent magazine – but it all went wrong and Delgado was freed from the shackles and went to the free swimming. Large number

font omni

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, OTF440.21 KBVectorTypefaces don’t simply appear fully formed to a designer, even with a clear concept in mind, they evolve naturally during the design & development process. Out of the current ‘Artytype’ collection, Omni has evolved the most, being a stripped back off-spring from several exploratory exercises. At first glance and particularly at

font boucherie block bold

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, PDF, OTF1.8 MBVectorTo view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what’s included, visit: http://bit.ly/TL8RHs NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: WEBSITE – – – – – – – – – – – – –

font queulat

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, ZIP1.72 MBVectorQueulat is a hybrid typeface that combines two different styles, reflecting charm, freshness and, especially, a strong personality. The font is inspired by Modern and Grotesk styles. The former is shown in some characteristic features such as teardrop terminals, which give the typeface an attractive unique look, making it an ideal

font phillips muler elegant duo

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, OTF89.52 KBVectorHello… Introducing our latest product Phillips Muler // Elegant Font Duo. Phillips Muler is a font duo that we created for all your design project needs. Phillips Muler is a matching font duo, consisting serif font styles and paired with signature fonts that we make like hand scratches, so that it

font quatie

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF4.47 MBVectorOriginally a conceptual approach from the Chatype project of Jeremy Dooley and Robbie de Villiers, Quatie has been restructured to add a new industrial element to Insigne’s offerings. Like the Official Font of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Quatie definitely carries a contemporary, hipster feel. Quatie similarly draws much of its inspiration from the industrial

font yakuza lobster

File TypeFile SizeVectorWOFF, TTF166.53 KBVector**Yakuza Lobster** This font perfect for logos, name tag, advertising, product packaging, clothing, social media & greeting cards. — *Files Included TTF , WOFF , WOFF2 format* — If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected] Thank you so much.East Octopus font$19 Hallo Oyster font$19

font impregnable

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, EOT, WOFF, SVG, OTF278.41 KBVectorHigh quality script font with multilingual support and a large number of special characters. Designed by Måns Grebäck, this hand-crafted typeface works great in logotypes and for titles and slogans.Larch$59 Unthrift – Script Typeface$29 Caprica Script$59 Safir Script$59 Falkin Script$59 Recorda Script$59

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