font hk compression Ñ

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, OTF109.88 KBVectorHK Compression™ is a high impact bold condensed typeface for headlines, titles and posters.HK Focus Title$21 HK Kontrast$11 HK Concentrate Pro$30 Zwizz™ Typeface$21 HK Grotesk Pro$45 HK Compakt Typeface$21

font sofia pro complete fonts

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF860.38 KBVectorSofia Pro is super font family designed for headlines, titles, texts and subtitles. Based on the combination of geometric and round shapes, these nuances give Sofia Pro an harmonious and sensible appearance. Sofia Pro supports a wide range of languages with more than 500 glyphs with OpenType features like case sensitive forms,

font black label minimal sans serif

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, PDF262.35 KBVector**Black Label** is a clean Minimal Font that combines simplicity and precision it works well in titles and headlines. **Black Label has 257 characters including** – Uppercase letters – Numbers – European Character Set – Multilingual support ——————————————————- **WHAT’S INCLUDED** – Black Label OTF ——————————————————- **NOTE ** Please don’t hesitate to

font abc sketch style hand drawn ae csbest

File TypeFile SizeVectorJPG88.83 MBVectorVideo preview: WEBSITE Hello! This is a presentation of animated sketch-style English alphabet 100% hand-drawn letters and punctuation marks Everything is made with a pencil and paper only There are 20-30 animation phases of each symbol with no repeats! So it looks really natural and authentic You can simply use it in

font tasreeh arabic

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, PDF222.88 KBVectorIf translated from Arabic, the word Tasreeh has multiple meanings between statement, permit or announcement. Tasreeh is an Arabic font that brings a special impression of text effectuality to words and phrases due to its active letterform structure. The font accordingly suits titling, signage design, instructional design and news heading. Beside

font couturier

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, ZIP1.51 MBVectorCouturier font is all about haute couture: classy ready-to-use characters for each project, perfectly drawn curved shapes and well-balanced counterforms. Elegantly embroidered ligatures, alternative glyphs and beautiful swashes give the font an extremely elegant look. Couturier comes in 4 weights, ranging from Regular to Black, with matching italics, resulting in a

font finesse minimal mono

File TypeFile SizeVectorJPG, OTF86.61 KBVector**Finesse is a Minimal Font** inspired by a computer terminal, it combines elegance and precision and works well in titles and headlines. Finesse has 190 characters including – Uppercase letters – Numbers – European Character Set – Multilingual support **WHAT’S INCLUDED** – Finesse OTF —————————————————————- NOTE Please don’t hesitate to drop

font flintlock

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF224.29 KBVectorFoundry Name: CozyFonts Foundry Family Name: Flintlock Family Price: $65.00 Font Price: Flintlock Rough: $25.00 Flintlock Flat: $25.00 Flintlock Flat Italic: $25.00 Release Date: December 2019 Designer: Tom Nikosey Description: The Flintlock Font Family has a Bold personality. The ‘Rough’ version of the Flintlock Font has a hand-carved or hand-etched edge, carefully

font calling cards sans serif

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, OTF155.13 KBVector**Calling Cards** is a simple and clear sans-serif font family in 3 styles: Regular, Italic and Bold. Each font includes between 246 and 256 glyphs, including: a-z | A-z | 0-9 | accents | punctuation | ligatures and stylistic alternates. It looks great in quotes, logos, print, or social media. Readable

font chronica pro family fonts

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF1.24 MBVectorChronica Pro is a new contemporary font family focusing on balance and quality for high professional use. Designed with a lot of attention to details and versatility, Chronica Pro could satisfy all kinds of demands such as editorial design, brand creation, graphic design, signage as well as on screen, apps, web sites,

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