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font bullygirl bold

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF127.25 KBVectorBullyGirl is two weight irregular and rollicking font. It have 3 stylistic sets for upper and lower characters for immitation of handmade typesetting. If its not enought, you can use some characters (like ABCEHKMOPTX) from cyrillic code page. Moreover, BullyGirl have numerous alternatives and ligatures. Just for funny-bully. Plus additional symbol font

font esportica family

File TypeFile SizeVectorPDF, OTF, JPG, TTF5.47 MBVectorEsportica is a modern display typeface most suited to headlines. Esportica comes with 230 glyphs including uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals and punctuations as well as supporting a number of international languages. Compatible with Mac & PC. Preview all regular glyphs – Preview all italic glyphs –

font glamwords

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF12.57 KBVectorAbout this font family If you love outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, platform-soled boots, flamboyant costumes, so Glamwords is what you need for your design creations. Glamwords typeface is new font with a nostalgic reference to the Glitter style developed in 1970sVisoko$9 Chronica Pro Family (18 fonts)$299 Sofia Pro Complete (16 fonts)$299 Sofia

font helsi duo script serif

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF79.57 KBVector**Helsi** – *Another Luxury Font Pair Script & Serif.* In life everybody sometimes got serious, focus, strong, thinking, and etc. But sometimes life must be enjoy, relax, breath, fun, smiling, laughing and etc. So I presented the great font pair between ‘serious and enjoy’ with the name Helsi. Handwritten with some touch

font undeka san serif

File TypeFile SizeVectorPDF, PNG, WOFF, OTF18.97 MBVectorUndeka™ is a modern contemporary sans serif typeface that embodies simple geometric shapes combined with strong typographical foundations. Inspired be the grotesk typefaces made in the early 20th century. It was made by Krisjanis Mezulis at the WildType Foundry. Undeka is available in 6 different versions – Regular/Italic, Light/Italic,

font ma

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF20.22 KBVectorHommage à Lajos Kassák Founded, edited and published by Lajos Kassák, Ma [Today] became one of the longest surviving avant-garde periodicals in Europe (1916-1925). It succeeded A tett [The deed], which had been banned for including works from countries at war with Austria-Hungary. The Ma circle was a loose network with Kassák

font bohema

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF292.59 KBWeb FontIn order to celebrate the launch of Bohema on Creative Market I’m running a time limited offer of 90% discount on the whole family! Just $9 instead of $90! Bohema is a classic art deco typeface with a modern twist, the Bohema Font Family is a revival of the past with

font wex

File TypeFile SizeVectorTTF, OTF, AI, CDR, WOFF, SVG, EOT340.3 KBVectorWex is a stretch modern font created by Alberto Villanueva. Added web fonts and vectors. For commercial usage of this font the purchase of this license is required.Hebe$5 Otrebla$5 Senzi$10 Mulago$7 Kuasar$7 Aghila$7

font atett

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, WOFF, EOT48.29 KBVectorThe “A Tett” was a Hungarian literary, artistical and societial magazine published between 1915–1916, every two week under this period. Its publisher and editor was Lajos Kassák. Kassák dedicated the magazine to be the forerunner of the Hungarian Avantgarde and was inspired by a German activist magazine; Die Aktion. Many

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