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font fekrah arabic

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, PDF96.59 KBVectorFekrah is the Arabic word for Idea. Fekrah is a contemporary Arabic font that suits visual identities and modern design projects. It consists of two styles, opaque and outlined.Wahaj – Arabic Font$20 Bedayah – Arabic Font$20 Zahey – Arabic Font$20 Wafir – Arabic Typeface$25 Rawaj – Arabic Font$20 Khetab – Arabic Font$20

font raqami arabic

File TypeFile SizeVectorPDF, OTF44.1 KBVectorThe word Raqami is the Arabic for Digital. Raqami is an Arabic display font with a pixelated look. It suits modern projects including print advertising and web.Paxalah – Arabic Font$18 Lattouf – Arabic Font$20 Makeen – Arabic Font$25 Mozarkash – Arabic Font$20 Rawaj – Arabic Font$20 Modhesh – Arabic Font$20

font alama arabic

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, PDF83.86 KBVectorAlama is an Arabic display font. The word Alama is the Arabic for sign, label or logo. This font is designed specially for branding and visual identities, but it also suits typographic compositions. It comes in two weights; Regular and Bold.Zahey – Arabic Font$20 Lafeef – Arabic Typeface$27 Lattouf – Arabic

font ebhaar arabic

File TypeFile SizeVectorOTF, PDF89.27 KBVectorThe word ‘Ebhaar’ is the Arabic for Dazzle. Ebhaar is an Arabic display font with a dazzling style that captures the beauty of brush-pen lettering and fuses it with the traditional features of Arabic calligraphy. The font suits both heading and casual titling and it supports Arabic, Urdu and Persian Language.Mozarkash

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